Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Say “Potato,” I Say “Gross!”

Everyone knows that washing your hands is the best way to fight diseases. Ever since Katie was old enough to walk, I started a habit for our whole family. As soon as we enter the door, we do two things before anything else: 1) remove shoes, and 2) wash hands!

Sometimes, the kids grumble about it a bit, but I’m a stickler. They aren’t allowed to enter the rest of the house unless hands have been washed. I’ve been known to force request other kids who are visiting our house to do it too.

A while back, I read about this experiment that will show kids why hand washing is imperative. I wanted to share the results on my blog so y’all would see how disgusting our hands get.

Katie came home from school one day and I wouldn’t let her wash her hands. We followed the experiment instructions and peeled then boiled the potatoes. Once they cooled, one went into a jar without any touching. Another was handled and groped by both Jackson and Katie, then sealed in a jar. The kids washed their hands well, then handled the third potato before it was sealed in the last jar. Here’s how they looked after the first day:_MDS2804

About ten days later, this was the result:_MDS2938

Ewww! I can hardly stand to look at that! The untouched potato was slimy and unappetizing simply due to being an unrefrigerated potato for 10 days. But the dirty-hands-potato is DISGUSTING. Brown and green mold erupted all over. The clean-hands-potato isn’t perfection, of course. It has a nice coating of white fluffy mold, but I think that’s from being sealed in a jar too.

The moral of the story is WASH YOUR HANDS!


Gina said...

Ewwww! Request us to wash our hands anytime we come over. I won't be offended. Granted, I am such a hand-washing fanatic too, that odds are, L and I have washed our hands before AND during the car ride (gotta love Germ-X) but still. We'll wash again for you anytime.

JC's Loft said...

Hahaha that is sooo gross! Fun project though : )



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