Friday, June 10, 2011

The Scooter of Life

Jackson and I decided to do two errands on foot today. After Katie left for Girl Scout day camp, Jackson and I left the house; me on foot, Jackson on his scooter. Our first stop was the Post Office. Our second stop was Walmart.

I was hypervigilant while we walked to our destinations. I taught Jackson how to stop at crossings and look left and right, then proceed through the intersection (or across a driveway) by walking his scooter instead of riding it. There were a few points where he tired and I carried his scooter while we held hands and walked. At the start of our walk, there was a bit more frustration on both our parts as he learned STOP! really means stop. But as we neared home at the end of our walk, we were both enjoying ourselves. Jackson trusted my guidance, stopping when I asked him and waiting for me to catch up to him so we could move forward together.

We arrived home, ate lunch, and Jackson settled in for naptime. I started my daily devotion time, and here’s what I read in Jesus Calling: “As you gaze anxiously into the distance, you don’t even feel the strong grip of My hand holding yours. How foolish you are, My child!”

Walking with Jesus is just like my walk with Jackson. My son rode his scooter with his eyes on the next corner or the next glide downhill, never looking at his immediate surroundings to watch for cars or potholes that could wreck his scooter. His gaze was in the distance, his focus on the thrill of zooming faster and faster. Jackson was just being the foolish child he was created to be. My presence was barely a blip on his radar screen.

How many times do I ride the Scooter of Life without a second thought to Who is holding my hand or Who is plotting my course?

Thank you, Jesus, for steering me through danger and safety. Thank you for letting me simply enjoy the scooter ride, exploring the world safe in the knowledge that You are looking out for me. Open my eyes to sense your presence, and my ears so I can better hear your warnings AND encouragements. Amen.

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Jen said...

I love this post! I can really relate to it. Just yesterday Ollie got hurt doing something I have asked him not to do so many times and I think it finally sunk in that Mommy doesn't make these rules to be mean. Mommy does not want you to get hurt! For a second he understood. I had tears in my eyes when you said Jesus is watching all of us like that. So true!


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