Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday – What Friendship Looks Like



Wordless Wednesday


cjstearns said...

Hi E - today is Thursday, so use those words of yours to explain your WW. Hugs, CJ

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Cara!

Here's the explanation of those photos: I had a day with nothing on my schedule and both kids out of the house. I told a friend of mine that I had plans to clean out my basement. As I was getting started, she called and offered to come over and help me. She brought her 3 year old son with her (he played while we worked), and spent three hours helping me plow through two shelves of old craft supplies. That first photo shows the shelves AFTER we were done. Imagine them totally jam packed with junk! The second photo shows the back of my car, loaded down with all the items my friend helped me clean out and donate.

I am blessed to have a friend that will spend half her day in my basement keeping me on task, and *literally* digging through the skeletons in my closet without judging me or chastising me for my hoarding tendencies.

And THAT'S what friendship looks like to me!

JO said...

good for you! i need someone to help me clean out my kids' room too... they just got too many "junk". well, they are junk to me but they are precious to them.


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