Sunday, January 23, 2011

Together Again

Something miraculous happened in my dream last night: my dad came back to me. I don’t remember much besides a few odd details (I was in a cafeteria and didn’t know anyone?), but I do remember feeling alone and out of place. Then from my right side, I heard his voice. And I turned and he was right there, swooping in to hug me. He was in a wheelchair (another odd detail in the dream), but was 100% healthy and looked like he did before cancer emaciated him.

I threw myself into his arms and hugged him, and he hugged me back. We were both laughing and happy. It was a true reunion, in every sense of the word. We were together again.

And that’s all I can remember from the dream. Which is fine, because that’s all I need to remember anyway. The truth is I forgot about the dream until later this morning, as I was emptying the dishwasher and it all flooded back into my mind. It is possible to feel joy and sadness at the same time; I felt so happy to “be” with Dad and then missed him all over again as I remembered I’m not with him physically any longer. But one day, I will be.

This photo was taken by a friend almost exactly seven years ago to this day. It was at a surprise party for my 30th birthday. I was surprised, of course, to see a room full of friends and my in-laws. And then, in the back corner, I saw him. My dad. He had traveled all the way to Missouri to surprise me. I flew into his arms and held on so tight, and cried. For me, this photo gives me a glimpse into heaven, when I’ll be reunited with those I miss Every. Single. Day.

“Now we are free and we shall see you again.  But not yet.  Not yet.” from Gladiator


Brina said...

OMG!! Such a beautiful post. I've had a few dreams about Emme...a few of Jacob too. They are very special!!


Gina said...

This post made me cry. Love it.

My grandpa came to me in a dream before. I have done some research and I know that many people say that is how people communicate with you after they have passed away...through dreams. Regardless, it's awesome.

Meg said...

I love this post. It's terrible to miss someone but you shouldn't feel that bad because his in good hands and watching over you and your family!

To lighten up your day...

You won an award from me, congratz!;)

Check out my latest blog post.
Enjoy and spread the award, thanks!

Yours Truly,

Kimberly said...


What a fantastic gift from your father! I have had my brother come to me in my dreams. It was very reassuring to know he was ok.

Gretchen said...

What a wonderful dream! I'm sure he just wanted to let you know he was ok.

OH, pop over to my blog. You're one of the special friends I'm talking about for the award.


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