Monday, January 10, 2011

PLEASE Don’t Snow!

Let me apologize beforehand for the ramblings I’ll be doing in this post. I know I’ve been missing in action because it’s Danuary, and here I am finally blogging, only to complain and whine. Just humor me, okay?
The weather forecast in our area calls for snow tonight. School might cancelled tomorrow. And maybe even the next day. Words can’t describe what *fear* that strikes in my heart! I NEED my kids to go to school this week. ALL WEEK.
Remember that Katie had three weeks off from school in December for winter break. Her last day of school in December was the 10th, AND it was a half day. School was back in session on last Tuesday, January 4. I was ready, and so was Katie. She went to school on Wednesday too, and Jackson went to Mothers’ Day Out. Yay for me! It was nice to have a day “off” (as if running errands all day is really “off”) by myself.
And then. And THEN… Katie was home Thursday and Friday with a fever and a headache. Nothing major that ibuprofen couldn’t fix. In fact, she felt fine enough to annoy the daylights out of her brother (and vice versa). She just wasn’t okay to go to school for two days. Somewhere in there, one of her eyes turned red so I called the doctor to ask about her fever and maybe pink eye. The doctor won’t allow a kid in the office if there’s even a slight chance of pink eye, so they called in drops for her just in case.
So… blah, blah, blah. Instead of giving you every single detail of my weekend and the torture of putting eye drops in a seven-year-old’s eyes, I’ll just sum it up to say how happy I am that Monday is here and Katie is well enough to go to school. If you count winter break, Katie’s been home for about four weeks straight. *Ugh.*
And now, SNOW. Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it. Jackson and I will be visiting the library today, and I’ll find some books to occupy them in case of snow. I’ll pull out some craft kits I saved for an emergency, and I guess we’ll just bundle up and buckle down until the snow melts. Wish me luck!
Today is the second Monday of the month, which means I’m blogging at JC’s Loft too. Here’s a sneak peek for you. Come check out the rest!IMGP7740

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Louisa said...

I hope the snow misses you. I can't imagine having so much time off at Christmas. Wow!


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