Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glorious Gifts

We still have three days to Christmas, but I have already received some amazing gifts. I want to toot the givers’ horns, although I won’t mention their names because I’d hate for my readers (all four of you) to get jealous and all. Ha!

My church is fully vested in the Advent Conspiracy message, and our pastor has compelled us to give gifts that celebrate relationships instead of material possessions. Three of my close friends who also attend the same church gave me early gifts this year. I thought I’d share them with you, in hopes of inspiring you too.

One friend gave me a big white envelope. Inside was a bunch of stuff: a CD of her favorite Christmas songs (songs that are more holy than commercialized). There was a brochure about the prophesies Jesus fulfilled, plus a strip of cloth to tie on my tree. (This cloth was the same cloth my church gave out at Easter to remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. What a beautiful connection to make: tying an Easter reminder to my Christmas tree.) My friend also wrote me a beautiful letter about not missing the meaning of Christmas this year, and seeing it with fresh eyes. Then she included a packet of about 40 papers, printed with Scripture, writings by Max Lucado and other authors, tips on ways to celebrate the holiness of the season, and even a Hebrew printing of the name “Immanuel.” I can’t tell you how this gift has fed my soul this month!

The second amazing gift I received this month came in a smaller envelope. It was a card with a simple piece of paper inside. The piece of paper was a coupon from a friend, offering me time to myself while she gets to spend time with my son. What a gift, to know that my friend wants to give me peace and solitude AND she wants to spend time with my boy. That’s a gift you can’t put a price on.

Lastly, this is a photo of a gift I received from a friend who works in the printing business.IMGP7398

She – and a group of others – has been receiving special texts from me throughout the month of December. I decided to take the list of 24 Names of Jesus that I put on my Advent gum pack and text those names and Scripture verses to friends each day to help them keep their focus on Christ. My friend took those 24 Names and added some graphic art and lyrics and presented me (and a few others) with this little booklet. I have been using it during my prayer time, and love it!

Did you notice a common theme in all of these gifts? They cost very little, but they sure make me feel loved.

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