Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent by Candlelight

On Tuesday night, I went somewhere that my friend Paula would consider Heaven on Earth. My friend Carrie invited me to an Advent by Candlelight event. Her sister’s church sponsors the event, and women sign up to be table hostesses. They invite seven other women to sit at their tables and they provide dessert for the table. Author Kristen Myers spoke on “Lessons from the Shepherds,” and a group of church ladies performed a skit explaining the meanings of the Advent wreath.

So. That is not the Heaven on Earth part, although it was good fellowship time. The most awesome part? Each table hostess decorates her table with some special theme. My hostess, Angie, created a white and silver table with lots and lots of glitter. She used beautiful white plates decorated with simple silver edges. The water goblets had silver snowflakes on them. The table centerpiece was flowers and glittery Christmas trees. Here’s a photo of my table: (PLEASE excuse the photo quality. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get detailed photos in candlelight?)IMGP6858

My friend Carrie told me she helped create the napkin rings for a bridal shower, and she and Angie decided to reuse them for this event. The bridal shower napkin rings were a simple satin ribbon, held together by a pearl tie tack. For the Advent by Candlelight event, they just flipped the napkin rings over and put a silver rhinestone on them. So simple and pretty!IMGP6859

There were 31 tables at this event. Before the festivities began, the guests were encouraged to walk around and look at the other tables and see how they were decorated. Here’s a table with one of those wooden Christmas pyramids:IMGP6861

This table had a different kind of pyramid on it, made of creampuffs! You can’t tell from the photo, but the color scheme was a royal purple, and the hostess used gorgeous crystal goblets.IMGP6862

This table had a huge glass vase in the middle, filled with sparkly ornaments and LED star lights. I used the flash on my camera for this one.IMGP6864

I love the radiant red of this table, along with the angels dressed in red.IMGP6866

This table had a beautiful centerpiece. There were two stained glass crosses that sparkled with candlelight underneath them.IMGP6868

Here’s a close-up of another table with these gorgeous angel goblets. I also like the gumdrop place card holders.IMGP6870

This table’s theme was Christmas Around the World. Those red and blue lights were ornaments that had lights inside them that changed color.IMGP6872

This table had a tree as its centerpiece, with different cross ornaments hanging from it.IMGP6877

I loved the large crystal nativity figurines on this table, mixed with crystal letters that spell JOY. I also noticed the place card holders and thought of Paula’s cute DIY ones.IMGP6880

Apparently each hostess gives her guests a favor to take home. Carrie and Angie made cute little boxes with a snowflake ornament inside. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It is really cute!IMGP6900

I felt so honored to be invited to this event, especially since Angie and I had never met before. It gave me time to still my busy mind and reflect on the holy part of this season. It also spoke to my creative side as I looked at such feminine decorations. I started brainstorming how I might decorate a table if I hosted one. I thought of an Easter theme (because Christmas and Easter are so tightly intertwined), or a theme celebrating each guest at my table (like making each woman a “You are Special Today” plate to take home). I’d also love to go against the grain and have a very primitive, non-glittery table to reflect the humble nature of Jesus; decorating the table with burlap and muslin and stones and hand-thrown pottery goblets.

How would you decorate your table? Would you break out your wedding china finally? Ha!

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JC's Loft said...

You know me so well! That is my heaven on earth. Pretty tables everywhere I look with attention to the tiniest detail...kill me know!!!

My cousin's church has a tee every year that does this same type of thing and I'm SOOOOO looking forward to it!



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