Friday, December 17, 2010

Indoor Winter Fun

Yesterday, icy roads cancelled our plans for a Christmas party with my mom’s group. We were stuck in the house with hours to kill, so I whipped out these puppies:IMGP7316

Oh, thank you, Crayola! You are a lifesaver!IMGP7286

The kids spent at least two hours (an hour before Jackson’s nap and an hour after Jackson’s nap) coloring their masterpieces. (And, yes, those are antennae on Katie’s head. She decided to make some out of pipe cleaners and attach them to her headband.)IMGP7297

It takes a lot of concentration to color on windows!IMGP7301

The finished product is pretty cool. Katie’s snowflakes are beautiful! I think we’ll leave these decorations up through Christmas. I don’t think the windows will be too hard to clean. When Jackson wanted something erased yesterday while he was drawing, I just swiped it off with a baby wipe. Let’s hope it’s that easy to remove when January rolls around!IMGP7319

The fun ended abruptly when Jackson was caught coloring on the kitchen floor. I warned the kids that coloring on anything besides the patio door would cause them to lose their crayons. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted!

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Gina said...

Get out! Where did you get those? I need a set for L and a set for my students!!!


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