Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Boy

When Katie was three, she was adamant about dressing up as Santa Claus for Halloween. At first, I expected her to change her mind and come up with some other costume. But as Halloween approached, she was resolute. I couldn’t find a Santa costume anywhere, of course – who wants to be Santa in October? So I made a costume for her.

My sewing skills are sufficient when it comes to pillows and other random things that don’t require much attention to seam allowances or straight lines. But this Santa costume required a bit more skill than normal. Somehow, I pulled it off by using a red sweatshirt and sweatpants, faux fur and a feather boa. She looked adorable, if I may say so myself.

By the way, Jackson was in that photo from 2006. I was pregnant with him!

Jackson is now three, and can fit in Katie’s costume. He wore it for the first time last week as we ran errands and went to a nearby Santa’s Wonderland with friends. He looks so darn cute as a little Santa boy!IMGP6519

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