Friday, October 1, 2010

Lemonade for Living Water

Last week, we had our annual lemonade stand to benefit Living Water International. The kids on our street set up their stand on the corner of our road and the main neighborhood road. They waved signs, screamed at passing cars, and mobbed any poor soul who stopped to buy a glass of lemonade. Don’t they look angelic?IMGP2750-

The kids told each customer that the money was going to Living Water, which “helps people get water.” It’s funny to me that the kids are so eager to help others. They care less about the details and more about just helping.IMGP2715

This time, we also sold cookies and water bottles with the flavor packets. Katie sold some of the bracelets she made earlier in the week.IMGP2781

You know, lemonade stands sound all idyllic and American as apple pie, right? The truth is, they are a lot of work – mostly for the adults. (But then again, what part of childhood isn’t?) I’m glad the kids got to make a cool memory together and our neighbors got to hang out and chat for a while too. The best news? The kids raised $22 to donate to Living Water to save lives. That’s worth all the effort, wouldn’t you say?

(That’s my gratuitous shot of the 5 month old neighbor, when I caught her making a funny expression. So cute!)

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