Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Brother

1974-10 MMS, MAJS, EAS in front of stone wall Jackson would have been 40 years old today. And that’s one of the hardest things about death – being robbed of what could have been and SHOULD have been. I’ll never get to make fun of him for being Over the Hill. I don’t get to rub his balding head and laugh at him. Or pinch his love handles and tease him for getting thicker over the years. What’s a little sister to do? There’s no one to pick on now!

Dear Jackson,
I try to keep your memory alive by talking about you and thinking of you every day. Today, I told the little boy who was named after you that it is a special day: Uncle Jackson’s birthday! He said, “Uncle Jackson’s a soldier. He shoots bad guys with laser guns!” You’re such a legend that little boys still think of you as a superhero. Hmmm… maybe, although I remember lots of times when you beat me up or we teamed up to play jokes on our sister. Ahhh, good memories!
Happy birthday, my brother. I am so grateful to be your sister. It’s still an honor, even after 14 years without you. You packed a lifetime into the 26 years you lived, and I miss knowing who you’d be today. Yes, I feel shortchanged but the balance sheet shows I’m rich beyond measure.
I love you, still!

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Gina said...

SO sweet. Happy Birthday to


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