Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baking with Jackson

My friend Emily inspired me with this post. I thought, “Okay. If Asher can cut apples, Jackson should be able to try it.” I saw this recipe for Mini Caramel Apple Pies and it looked so easy. I thought Jackson and I could make them together.


My friend Cindy was coming over for lunch, so Jackson and I were going to make her a nice little dessert. Except I was a little behind schedule and we had barely started when Cindy arrived. Lucky girl – she got to help us. (Ha.)

Jackson helped me measure and spoon the applesauce into the muffin tin, then it was time to chop apples into chunks. I *actually* gave my boy a paring knife and some small apple slices to chop. He sliced about two pieces and I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I snatched the knife from him, scrambled to find my Pampered Chef chopper and substituted that for the knife.IMGP4054

Cindy taught Jackson how to whack the heck out of the chopper, and we finally got some chunks. (Emily, you win the award for Brave Mommy. I might be braver if I didn’t have my own irrational fear of knives. That’s for another post.)

I asked Jackson to help me put chunks in each muffin tin, but he didn’t last long. He hates being dirty (yeah, go figure) and didn’t like having raw apples on his hands. He had the same reaction when I suggested he add other ingredients: “Eeewww, Mommy! I need a wipe!”IMGP4056

Oh, well. My boy isn’t much in the kitchen. (Yet.) Our mini pies were tasty, although they were extremely messy due to the little baker’s lack of aim when sprinkling ingredients around. I need to chip the baked-on toffee off the muffin tins, but still haven’t found the energy to do so. Ugh.IMGP4061


Brina said...

They look yummy!!! Might have to make them too!


Emily said...

That looks like a great recipe. I'm going to have go try that today! How did they turn out? I think it's okay to let Jackson hold off on the knife skills for a few years. It's not something he needs to know before kindergarten...


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