Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fairy Anger

Have you ever planned some cute surprise for your kids, anticipating their reaction? You think they’ll be overjoyed and surprised and charmed with the mystery of life. Yeah, right. That isn’t quite how it worked out on Monday night.

Almost two years ago, I found this blog/website and drooled over the cute fairies who lived at this family’s house. Little fairy doors appear out of nowhere, and the children who live in the house are taken aback and thrilled with the new construction.

So… some sweet little fairy came to our house and built a door so she can enter and exit our house with ease. Katie and Jackson found the door as they were heading to brush their teeth before bed on Monday night. The first reaction was shock, and then questions about where it came from. Then Katie claimed the fairy door wasn’t real because she could see adhesive between it and the wall. Next thing I knew, my two doubting Thomases started banging on the fairy door, demanding that the fairies open the door and LET US IN! They started getting downright angry that the door was sealed shut and there was no way they could open it. They kept exasperating, “Oh, fairies! Ugh!” This photo shows them shouting at the fairy door.IMGP4065

This was NOT what I had expected. I’m sure the fairies didn’t expect it either. The kids – and I presume the fairies, too – are at an impasse. Every now and then, one of the kids will get a tiny bit of interest in the door and go knock on it again, but the magic hasn’t taken hold quite like I hoped. I’m fairly certain our fairy is pretty close to packing her bags and moving out. Shucks.


jbw said...

Now what fairy would open their door to that? I know that if I were 6 inches tall and some one 6 or 7 times my height were banging on my door and shouting...I wouldn't open up. no way, no how!

Michelle said...

Oh no! I hate when things like this happen. You try to plan a great surprise and the kids don't react as you expect, bummer!


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