Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gimme Five/35

Alright, y'all. You had one week since I posted about the 5 Good Things booklet. Now I want to hear your five/35 good things for the week! Find the joy and let me know what filled you up this week. Maybe you forgot to do it? Then start today, and come back and comment next week. PLEASE share!

Here are mine. Some days even had more than five. Aren't I happy?
1. Music at church
2. Craft room almost put together
3. Steak, baked potato, salad - perfection!
4. Jackson's crocodile tears
5. Katie worked hard to find a good attitude
6. Dan's natural cologne when he grills

1. chiropractors
2. Watching Katie at gymnastics, knowing she was ecstatic
3. purging toys, organizing - feels clean and happy and fresh
4. Being one of the first to talk to my best friend about her momentous day
5. Watching Dan come home and knowing he's mine

2. A cool breeze in the shade
3. Making TV my priority today
4. Dan called to tell me he loves me
5. No huge tantrum when Katie got in trouble - she took it without crying

1. Love the new plexiglass on our craft table
2. Played Fashion Plates with Katie
3. Mary called to vent and chat
4. Love my new cell phone
5. Jackson's smile as he rode the Tonka truck
6. Took the kids out for ice cream

1. Sweet card from Beth
2. Cheeseburger, fries and custard
3. Lay with Dan and talk for 45 minutes
4. Cuddling with a puppy
5. My camera

1. Chilly, breezy weather
2. Playing elbow-elbow or cheek-cheek or nosey-nose with Jackson
3. Katie learned a lesson about breaking the flagpole - and I didn't even yell!
4. Sitting in my newly cleaned, organized house
5. Nothing left on Tivo

1. Walked 13.1 miles today
2. Foot rub from Dan
3. Played game with Katie where she would complete a doodle I started
4. Rocking Jackson before bedtime
5. First birthdays - such promise
6. Beer


Gina said...

Awww, man! I forgot. I'll do it this week. My mom used to play that doodle game with me. You had really good ones.

Donna said...

13.1 sound like you are ready for that marathon. BTW..LOVE your new profile pic!


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