Monday, August 31, 2009

Dan = Tender

Welcome to the last day of August. Tomorrow is September, the month that marks 17 years since I first met Dan. I’m getting close to the half-and-half point with him: I’ve known him for almost as long as I haven’t known him. One more year will make it 18 without him, and 18 with him. A beautiful balance.

This month also marks some other pretty big highs and lows. The anniversary of Mom’s death, both Mom and Dad’s birthdays, and also one pretty special day to me: Dan’s birthday. We have one week until that big day, so I’d like to spend the days leading up to that marking all the ways he’s changed my life by highlighting seven things I adore about him.

First up, Dan’s sensitivity and tenderness and patience. I was completely blown away the first time I ever saw the movie “The Color Purple” with him. It was only the second time I had ever seen him cry. I was stunned that this man had such sensitivity inside of him. And I love that after knowing him for 17 years, that sensitivity hasn’t diminished. In fact, I think it’s deepened – especially when I see “that look” in his eyes when he watches our babies.

I love that Dan is sensitive and watchful over my needs. He knows that if “Amazing Grace” or “It Is Well with My Soul” or “How Great Thou Art” is sung at church, he better hold on tightly to me because I will become unglued. And I love that he knows WHY those songs affect me so deeply. After 17 years together, sometimes he knows what I need before I even know what I need. (And, yes, there are times I have to beat him over the head with it too.)

I love that he doesn’t hide his tenderness, and that he uses his arms for holding on to the things that matter. I love that his tenderness translates into patience for me and our kids. All three of us use up lots of it, daily!

And I love that he still cries at the end of “The Color Purple.”

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Gina said...

I have an uber-sensitive husband too. It's my favorite thing about him, even though, at times, it drives me bonkers. Love this post.

P.S. I am wearing my tree necklace today and have gotten several compliments!!!


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