Monday, August 17, 2009

Awesomeness?! Me?!

My friend Gina at Namaste by Day (who was a blog friend first and then became one in real life) is so sweet. She awarded me the Official Seal of Awesomeness. Now I like her even more. Ha! Just kidding...

I must now name five blogs that I think deserve the Official Seal of Awesomeness. Hmmm... that's a hard one. My brain hurts right now, after a whirlwind evening of gymnastics and making Sit Upons with the Daisy troop. So I will ponder for a moment and get back to you.

Okay. I'm ready! Drumroll, please!
  • Pillow Astronaut - This is a blog that my sister got me hooked on. I am not at all into science, but love reading Heather's thoughts on all things space. Besides, Katie wants to be an astronaut (and also a princess and a mommy), so I have to get my info somewhere!
  • My Home Wellingtontown - Scrappy Sue is creative, funny, and foreign. I like that!
  • Michelle Sidles - I found Michelle's blog through Jodified, which is the same place I found Gina. I love me some Jodified, but chose not to award her here because I think she has a lot on her plate right now! But I wanted to give a shout out to Michelle and Donna (see the next nominee, below) because I have so thoroughly enjoyed their blogs and getting to know them. They have both inspired me to work my camera and dig deeper.
  • Diary of a Dingo - See above! But Donna is also foreign (an Australian), which I like. (See above above!) And Donna and Michelle are neighbors in real life. How cool!
  • (in)courage - This isn't quite a blog, but it kind of is. It is brand new, and I heard about it from my bloggy friend Janera. I only just subscribed to the feed a few days ago, but I have truly enjoyed reading some of the inspirational writings on the site. It is a beauty, y'all. Go check it out.

Happy awesomeness, bloggy friends!


scrappysue said...

thanks elizabeth!!! i'm off to exercise, but will catch up on your posts soon!

luv 'the foreigner' lol

Donna said...

OK...{let me clear my throat}..uhem...I humbly accept this award on behalf of all exotic foreigners..(If only I was exotic but anyway I am a foreigner so at least that's something)
All jokes aside, it has been wonderful getting to know you Elizabeth via your blog and I am honored and excited that you have given me an award for awesomeness....and its now I am feeling very important. Big hugs.

Gina said...

Sit-Upons! I forgot all about those!!!

Thanks for the shout-out!!

Anonymous said...

Officially Awesome!! Can I put that on my business cards?? ha!!! Thanks for the blog love Elizabeth! Getting to know YOU has been TOTALLY awesome and I'm bouncing the AWESOME AWARD right back at YOU! :)


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