Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy First Birthday & Giveaway

I promised you that I would have a little birthday celebration for Six Golden Coins, and here it is! (Albeit 15 days late!)

Here's the bad news: if you were waiting for some spectacular post with great reminisces from me, you'll have to check back later. I don't have much to give you these days, after dealing with Dan's back injury, two wily kids, and my grandmother's failing health.

Now don't go feeling like I'm neglecting you, poor Six Golden Coins. Just because I don't have a lot of inspiring things to write doesn't mean I don't love you! On the contrary! You have been one of the most motivating, inspiring, meaningful things in my life this past year. You've been my outlet when I'm melancholy for my family, homesick for days gone by, aching from my disease, or overwhelmed by the daily grind of being a mother and wife and friend. And you've also been the first place I want to turn when I am overjoyed by new milestones, bursting with awe at our God, or prideful at the growth of my children.

Simply put, I have found myself in you, dear blog. You have helped me grow in ways I never imagined, and helped crystallize my inner fortitude. You have strengthened me and caused me to become more introspective and intentional in how I live my life. And the best part? You've become a part of my family - a living, growing part of my family - because YOU are the chronicle of our lives. You will be the place we turn one day to remember the has-beens and used-to-bes. You are our family's growth chart, diary and scrapbook, all rolled into one.

Thank you for being so many things to us. And thank you for the connections you've brought me to the amazing bloggy world out there. Connections of faith, craftiness, friendship, kindness, constructive criticism, and support.

So to honor you, Six Golden Coins, I'm hosting a happy little giveaway. It's what we do in the bloggy world, right? First, I'll reveal the prize since I know that's what everyone wants to know first.

I'll be giving away three things: a copy of my favorite CD (you'll just have to wait and see!), a customized photo bracelet, and a custom onesie or t-shirt from Katie Kay Tees (winner's choice). Yes, there is only one winner and he/she will get all three. And chances are I'll be throwing in a sampling of some of my other favorite things, just because I want to shower y'all with love. I'm not telling what those things are, at least not yet. But I promise you it'll be fun!

So how can you win? You get one entry by leaving me a comment in this post. Your comment MUST include your email address and also your favorite post that you've read on Six Golden Coins. (Yes, I am ashamed to admit I am needy and starving for praise, y'all!) You can also get an additional entry by posting about Six Golden Coins at your blog and then coming back here and leaving me another comment with a permalink to your post.

See? It's that simple. "You add ice and it make ice tea!" (inside joke with Dan)

I will keep the contest open until noon (CST) on April 27. I will pick a winner and will contact the winner to coordinate the customized prizes.

In closing, I'm posting some gratuitous shots of my kids just so there are photos in my post.

Now you can see those wily kids for yourself.

Happy birthday, Six Golden Coins!


Robin said...

Yea, i am the first comment so I win, right? Let's see if i remember the rules, my favorite posting...hmmm...I think it would have to be your posting of deep spiritual thinking. I find those posts to be very thought provoking. I can't remember the rest, I will have to come back. Aww, just announce me the winner, you know you want to.

scrappysue said...

i'm so sorry about your gran, and i hope dan's back is getting better! my favourite post (from memory) is the date night one. it was a wonderful tribute, i think the one where dan organised everything - the surrender date is that it? i would love to do that sometime!

suesnews at bullzone dot co dot nz

happy bloggy birthday elizabeth!


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