Monday, April 27, 2009

Giveaway Winners, or Why Doesn't Anyone Love Me?

Congratulations to the TWO winners of my blog birthday giveaway! Yes, you read correctly: I had TWO winners. Is that because I am so generous? Uh, no. (Although let's say I am anyway!) It's because nobody else even entered the giveaway.


Y'all make me feel so sad. So unloved. Is it the prizes? Did you not like them? Or is it that I have only two readers? Oh, boo hoo. Let the pity party commence.

So... congratulations to my two readers, Scrappy Sue and AbFab Geek. Thanks for being loyal friends, y'all! One of you is my friend in Real Life (AbFab) and one is my friend in cyberworld (Scrappy Sue - but I'm hoping one day we'll meet in person). I'll be working on your prizes soon!


Clive said...

I love you elizabeth! it can take a while to build up a readership - it certainly wasn't the lack of prizes - i can't wait! hugs and thanks

Clive said...

oops - that's my hubs i signed on as! who knew he had a google account!!! sue :)

Janera said...

oh, honey child, you know the Garden Hat lady loves you best of all! Don't think for one minute my not posting means I don't love you or your giveaway -- nope, it's just that time of year when we Texas teachers are covered up with testing and end-of-course stuff. Hang on till summer and you'll see I won't leave you alone. lol

Robin said...

I am sorry, I think everyone was so impressed by my entry that they decided to just let me have it. lol

Everyone loves you!! I just know these things.

Charity said...

Too bad I'm too late for the contest! That's so cool that you have a friend in the blog world from New Zealand!


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