Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Six Golden Coins!

Mistakenly, I had it in my mind that April 20 was my blog's birthday. Turns out I'm wrong. Ugh! It's like I forgot my best friend's birthday. Shame on me!

Six Golden Coins turned one last Sunday, April 5. Happy birthday, my friend!

Had I been thinking correctly, I would have planned a big bash for you, including some sort of spectacular writing by Yours Truly and maybe even a fun giveaway. But now it all seems anticlimactic to plan a big bash. Am I wrong?

Heck, no, dude! I think I'll just move forward with my thinking that the birthday is April 20. We'll just plan something for that day, even though it is 15 days late. How 'bout that?

Now I better work on some sort of plan, since I have only 10 days to put it together. Stay posted, y'all.

And please leave me a comment so my blog feels at least some sort of birthday love. Poor thing.


Robin said...

Happy Birthday and PICK ME for whatever prize you give away!!

Gretchen said...

Happy birthday! What a great anniversary. :)


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