Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 2013 Review

To celebrate the end of summer (and kind of also Dan’s birthday with his family), we met the in-laws and went to a local minor league baseball game. This is the team we happened upon last year, where they end the night with a major event: everyone toilet-papers the stadium before watching a fireworks show. We did it again this year. I’m not sure if it will become an annual tradition, but it’s fun while it lasts! One of my favorite parts of the night was watching my son during the National Anthem.IMG_4656

I got a new boss at work. My old boss, John, had his last Sunday in our ministry before moving in to a pastoral residency role. That Sunday, all the kids’ ministry volunteers gathered around him and prayed over him. It was such a great thing to witness!IMG_4649

I got a sweet letter from Jackson one morning, in a journal I gave him for us to use in writing back and forth to each other. This is his first entry in the journal.IMG_4720

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and it links to this blog. I had to make one of these for my niece’s 15th birthday, since she loves Nutella so much._MDS8324

I walked Jackson in to school one day, and this is how it looked. Swoon!IMG_5137

I’ve been volunteering in the kids’ classrooms again this year. Am I a huge nerd, or do other people get as excited about school as I do?IMG_4797

One thing I love about being in the kids’ classrooms is the sneak peek I get at their school work. I was wowed at Jackson’s handwriting and communication abilities on this assignment.IMG_4801

For Dan’s birthday, I surprised him with an overnight trip to Mizzou. The plan was to visit the new International Taphouse in Columbia, which we did. But we also scored tickets to the game, which was really awesome for him.IMG_4872

Jackson got in trouble at church one Sunday. He was disruptive and wouldn’t listen to his teachers. Part of his punishment was writing apologies to the teachers, which I mailed later that week. These letters make me so happy.IMG_4947

Driving by a field of soybeans one evening, I noticed the plants looked like they were glowing. I pulled over and took a photo, and realized it’s the tiny hairs on the plant stalks that were being lit by the sunset’s golden light. Noticing little details like this helps me to slow down and be present in the busyness of life.IMG_5097

This photo is nothing out of the ordinary or irregular. But I had to take it because I know the day will come when chalk drawings in the street won’t happen anymore. This was a moment of peace and quiet, and I love watching my kids do regular kid things.IMG_5120

Our nephew had a sleepover at our house. It was part of his gift from Christmas last year, and we finally found a night when he could stay at our house. We went to church first, then home for dinner and ice cream sundaes.IMG_5157

Did you know the movie The Wizard of Oz is 75 years old this year? My kids have never seen it, and it was playing on the big screen for one week only. Dan and I splurged (it was in 3D on the IMAX screen) and took the kids to see it. I forgot how many great quotes are from this movie, and how funny that darn lion is!IMG_5386

Our neighbors held the annual block party. There was good food, lots of good stories, and some not-so-good karaoke too!IMG_5458

My friend Gina and I wore our matching Wonder Woman shirts to church one night. We are huge dorks, and I love it!IMG_5451

After a particularly great message at church that night, we left the building with the windows rolled down and Chris Tomlin’s song Lay Me Down blaring on the radio. This was what I saw in the rearview mirror, and it was good!IMG_5511

When Dan was little, he and his brother used to draw all kinds of characters. Recently, Dan showed his furry dude doodle to Jackson. And then, I found a copy of the dude in Jackson’s notebook. I love that my son is following in his dad’s footsteps.IMG_5455

We ended September with a wedding. It was the first Jewish wedding I’ve ever attended, and I learned a lot about my own Christian roots. I photographed the wedding, and Dan was my second shooter. I am so thankful he was there to cover my back!_MDS8531

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