Sunday, April 7, 2013

J + J = Forever Friends

Twice a year, our kids ministry has a special event called “ABC Weekend.” It’s when our class teachers have a specific lesson about asking Jesus to be your Forever Friend. “A” is for Ask. “B” is for Believe. “C” is for Choose (choosing to follow Jesus for the rest of your life.)

The leaders invite the parents to attend class with their kids so that if their child decides to make Jesus their Forever Friend, the parent can pray with the child and share the momentous occasion. I got to attend class with Jackson last night, and it was fun just to be in class and see what the kids learn and do. There was climbing time.IMG_2532

And worship time.IMG_2533

And then time for the large group lesson. Jackson sat on our friend’s lap (instead of mine! Humph!) and was enamored with a sand art video they showed to illustrate Jesus’ death.IMG_2535

We had small group time then, and the kids each made a bracelet with colored beads that signify the salvation story.

After making bracelets, I pulled Jackson aside and asked him to sit on my lap. I asked him what the ABCs stand for, and he could only remember the “C.” I reminded him what it means to be Forever Friends with Jesus, and was in mid-sentence explaining it when he scrunched his eyes up tight and plugged his ears with his fingers. My first thought was he was trying to ignore me and didn’t want to hear what I had to say. After about 6-7 seconds, he opened his eyes. Then he told me: “I closed my eyes and my ears and asked Jesus to be my Forever Friend.”

My response: “And what did He say?”

Jackson: “He said yes! Jesus would  never say no.”

It wasn’t quite the holy moment I had envisioned in Mommy World; I didn’t get a glowing, ethereal light while we bowed our heads and entwined our hands to ask Jesus to forgive Jackson’s sins and cover them with His grace. Nope! But what I got was this: a totally “Jackson” way of going to the foot of the cross. Jackson is an independent little boy, so it makes sense that he would invite Jesus into his heart personally and silently – on his own terms and with the same kind of natural hopefulness he uses to ask for extra cuddle time at bedtime.

Simple. Succinct. Personal and profound.

Thank You for reaching my son, Jesus! Amen!

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