Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pillow Fight!

Sometimes I take life too seriously. When I get myself caught up in all the details of life, my vision gets clouded by all the “have-tos” and not on the “want-tos.” I need to laugh a lot more than I do!

On this day, I did a LOT of laughing and it felt good!IMGP5485

We participated in the International Pillow Fight Day this year. Apparently it’s the second annual pillow fight, organized locally by a group called STL Improv Anywhere. I can’t tell you HOW MUCH FUN we had!IMGP5548

I giggled like a crazy person, running around whacking the stuffing out of random strangers.IMGP5481

My kids ran after complete strangers and whacked the stuffing out of them too.IMGP5471

And my family whacked each other pretty well too!IMGP5525

Sometimes I wonder where exactly the human race is headed, but on days like this it’s nice to know we can all have a common goal of laughing and whacking each other over the head!IMGP5494

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