Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Girl’s Room

I step into Katie’s room, and it takes me back to my own bedroom. (Maybe it’s because 75% of her bedroom furniture used to be mine!) I love seeing the things she treasures, and all the collections she has gathered. I thought about photos of my childhood bedroom, and realized I should take some of Katie’s. I want to capture this moment in my daughter’s life.

There’s a large cabinet that was in my bedroom for as long as I can remember._MDS4969

There are glass doors on it, and Katie keeps her favorite items inside of it. Here’s a closer view:_MDS4963

She has a Squinky collection, a rock collection, a bobble head collection, a jewelry box, and countless other containers and doodads in her cabinet.

Katie has turned one corner of her room into a little reading nook. She has a bookshelf with a bean bag in front of it. She keeps magazines, favorite books, and even some of Jackson’s books there for when she grants him permission to hang out in her sacred space._MDS4970

Katie’s bed is a daybed my parents bought for me when I was in 7th grade. It was kept at our family lake house, along with one identical daybed that my sister now owns. One thing Katie is really good at is keeping her room neat, and she almost always makes her bed each morning after she wakes. I love that about her! I also love how she has a specific spot for each of her stuffed animals. She knows them and loves each of them deeply. I remember when my life was like that._MDS4971

Home sweet home for my sweet little girl!

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