Saturday, January 21, 2012

On My Mind

I sat down at least three times in the last few days, intending to write and simply catch my blog up on life in our house. For some reason, I don’t know where to start so I just don’t start at all. That’s silly, because it means I might miss the life that takes place every day. So, I’m just gonna start writing and see where it takes me. Here are the things on my mind.

First, my computer is making blogging hard for me lately. I think my memory is getting full, and the computer is slow to respond. I think it’s time for a routine checkup. Ugh.

I decided not to have a new year resolution this year. Instead, I have a goal of taking twelve photos (one a month) that will push me to try new techniques. One of the first tasks on my Photography Bucket List is to take a photo of a snowflake. I was inspired by this post on Candelions that I read last year. When it snowed here a week ago, I had my first attempt at a snowflake photo. I learned a few things and want to try again for a better photo, but so far this isn’t too bad:_MDS3742-

These are snowflakes that fell on my car’s bumper. Next time, I have a better plan in mind._MDS3758-

In December each year, my cousin sends a potted amaryllis to me and my sister. It’s something our mom used to do for us, and our cousin has assumed the responsibility of doing it now. My amaryllis has bloomed twice already. I got out my new macro lens filter (isn’t it pretty?)…_MDS3770

…and tried some close up photos of the amaryllis. The white flower looked lovely in the afternoon light._MDS3808

I also got close to a droplet I spied after watering the plant. It looked like a glass marble to me._MDS3799

When I bought my first digital SLR camera, I had no idea how much photography would speak to my soul. It still makes me laugh that I can take 37 photos of the same exact water droplet, and get such joy in it.

This next photo gives me lots of joy too. I found this scrap of paper in Katie’s backpack, and it makes me laugh to read it again. It says:

The Secret Snow Day Ceremony:
1. Put your pj's on backward.
2. Put white socks on your hands.
3. Wave your socky hands up high and chant: "Snow, snow do not stop. Pretty please with whip cream on top."
4. Throw your pillow and try to catch it with your head 3 times.
5. Go to sleep upside down.IMG_0688

I love watching Katie’s imagination and pure innocence take shape. When I asked her about the scrap of paper, she said she read about the ceremony in a book. I haven’t caught her doing a “socky hand chant” yet, but you better believe I’m going to try and videotape it if I do!

There are a few other things rolling around in my head, but they’re going to have to wait until I can dedicate an entire blog post to them. Big changes are on the way… and they deserve a devoted post! Let’s hope I can find time to do it right. But for now, it’s late and I have a DANuary commitment to uphold. Good night!


Julie said...

You are amazing. I love the pictures of the snowflakes. The kids and I had a great discussion on snowflakes. We then started talking about how God made all of us different and how amazing that there are no two of us a like. It was a moment of realizing the greatness of our God. Thank you for the reminder of that moment.

donna said...

LOVE that photo of the snowflake on your bumper. Looks like you nailed the January photo. Well done

Unknown said...

You are such a talented photographer! I love the snowflakes and the flower! Excellent! I have always been interested in photography and even though I don't have the really good equipment yet, I still get so much joy from capturing the "little" things in life that are so precious to me - even if it's just on my iPhone camera! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW E those photographs are amazing! I'm so impressed!

Wish I lived closer so you could help me figure out how to use my camera better or take pictures of my dessert tables for me : )



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