Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laura’s Wedding

My friend from church, Laura, got married on New Year’s Eve. She asked me to photograph the wedding and I agreed. Sometimes I question my own judgment, especially when I take on something as momentous as a wedding. I stressed a lot leading up to it, bought a new piece of gear to try and assure success, then prayed before it started and left it in God’s hands.

God was good to me and I was blessed to have Dan as my second shooter. Yippee! Here are some of my favorite photos from the night. Yes, I know there are a lot of diamond ring photos, but I couldn’t get over how gorgeous her ring is!_MDS3186-2

The bride and groom met on a church mission trip to Russian. This nesting doll with the ring on her head is a nod to that._MDS3207-2

I loved Laura’s deep red roses._MDS3266

They were a beautiful contrast to her white dress and the bridesmaids’ black dresses._MDS3274-2

Laura and her husband also have a passion for motorcycles. Like the mini wheel I used under the rings?_MDS3365

This mustache is a sort of inside joke from the team we work on together at our church. I HAD to bring it for Laura to use at her wedding!_MDS3346

The church has beautiful windows and architecture. Laura’s silhouette was perfectly framed._MDS3277

The sanctuary was stunning with the stained glass windows and Christmas decorations._MDS3390

My wonderful second shooter captured this from the balcony.IMGP5383

The bride and groom were glowing._MDS3457 (2)-2

I love a bride and groom who will put on their motorcycle gear for a photo!_MDS3653

Yummy cookies after the wedding! A sweet ending…_MDS3667

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