Friday, December 2, 2011

Shower Door into Dry Erase Board

After Dan took down the old glass shower doors (which I wrote about in this post), I decided to repurpose one of them in the kids’ craft room. I cleaned it really well, mounted it to the wall with some 3M Command Strips, and gave the kids dry erase markers to draw on it._MDS1411

One of the cool things about it is it isn’t mounted flush against the wall. Since it goes straight to the ground, it has a little gap behind it because of the baseboards at the bottom of our walls. This means there’s enough room between the wall and the glass to put a piece of paper behind it for tracing. In this photo, I used a binder clip to attach a photo of Mickey Mouse from a coloring book._MDS1425

I traced it, then removed the paper._MDS1426

The kids have enjoyed drawing on it, wiping it off, and starting over. And I’m glad I got to upcycle something that would have been headed to the dump!

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