Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Today is December 1, which means the start of some annual traditions in our family. Last year was the first time we bought a LEGO Advent calendar. The kids *loved* opening a door every day and putting together a new LEGO creation. When Christmas arrived and all the doors were opened, I had an empty plastic box and decided to hold onto it. I’m glad I did!_MDS2067

I gave it a second life this year by adding some toys to it and making it a new Advent countdown. Katie wrapped the sides and back for me._MDS2064

Then I took it into hiding and added the toys before covering the holes with two layers of tissue paper. The tissue paper is easy for poking holes in and receiving the countdown toy. I brought it to Katie so I could take a photo of it, and this was the photo I got:_MDS2068

This was the moment she realized (without ANY clues!) what exactly is in each little compartment. She knew just by the sound the box made when she wiggled it. HOW did she get so darn smart?

I’ll let you in on the secret too: each compartment holds a Squinky that I got from a gumball machine. I found a machine that sells the Squinkies (we also call them Squishies) for a quarter each. That means I spent a grand total of $6 for 25 days’ worth of fun. WAY cheaper than the 2011 LEGO Advent calendar! (But don’t worry, I bought the 2011 one as well. I’ll need an extra box for next year, right?!)

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