Monday, March 21, 2011

Ode to My Diaper Bag

IMGP9553 Diapers and wipes.
Goldfish galore.
Sunscreen and toys,
You’ve been so much more:
An anchor in rough seas.
Security in Brown.
A purse incognito
To keep me weighed down.
A gift from a friend
And now we part ways.
I can’t say I’ll miss you.
Goodbye diaper days!


Melissa said...

Even though both kids are beyond diaper wearing days I still have my diaper bag. I keep extra clothes, bottled water, some snacks, a small first aid kit that I found at Target, a few Hot Wheels, coloring books and medicine (Epi-Pen, Benedryl). I couldn't wait to lose the diaper bag, but even at 3 and 6 years I have it! Maybe one day I'll break the tie...

Gina said...

:) Still having success in the potty department? WOO HOO!

TinkDoll said...

That brought a tear to my eye...

OK, it was pollen, but congratulations! (I think I'm jealous...)


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