Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye to Three


As I write this, it’s late and I should be in bed. I can hear the clock on the mantel ticking, reminding me of the sleep I’m losing by staying up to blog. But I want to take the last hour of your being three to write down all the things I will remember from this past year.

Tonight before bed, I looked in your eyes and said you won’t remember anything about being three; only Daddy and I will remember these things for you. (Katie piped up and said, “Me too!” Yes, Katie might remember some of it too.) I asked you what you’ll remember about being three, and you said “I can’t remember!” So I reminded you of the good times you’ve had:

Building forts.IMGP9484

Being small enough to squeeze into the end table beside the couch.

Playing and laughing.

Learning to ride a big boy bike and a scooter.IMGP4322a

Those things were enough to jog your memory and you agreed with every one. What other ways did we spend this year? Countless hours spent in the LoveSac reading library books.IMGP7808

A thousand repetitions of, “Stop jumping on the furniture! This isn’t a playground!” And how about, “If you spit at me/say that word/backtalk again, I will put hot sauce on your tongue/soap in your mouth!” Oh, buddy. You like to test the boundaries!IMGP4295 

This has also been the year of the Sqwishy, those silly little toys you adore.IMGP9403

And Legos have finally entered our house (mostly contained to the bathtub, though).IMGP7803

This year marked our first epic road trip as a family, and you were a champ – riding along with your buffalo and watching movies.IMGP9126

Potty training has also *finally!* come and gone. Once I backed off and let you do it on your own schedule, it was a non-issue. (Maybe that’s a good lesson for me as a parent in the years to come?)

What else is to come? As you turn four, there’s so much in store for you: a big boy bed, moving into a booster seat in the car, and learning to ride a bike without training wheels. Milestones that you will fly past and never realize the momentous impact they have on your life – until you have your own child one day who chugs right through these same rites of passage.

And when I see those moments happen for that future child, know that I can’t help but remember the little boy you are tonight: snug in your bed, waiting for your future to greet you tomorrow morning.

My Jack Jack Attack. Buddy Boy. Schmoopie! And my Sugar Boy too. I love you, and I love being your mommy. Happy birthday!


JC's Loft said...

Happy Birthday Jackson : )


sheryl boerding said...

Happy birthday Jackson! You've come a long way Elizabeth!

Melissa said...

Oh how this post made me cry! You know how much I simply adore your sweet boy. I cannot believe he is now four....this means my baby will be four soon, too. Life is going by so fast, I just want it to stop so we can savor their sweetness, their sassiness and innocence a bit longer. Happy birthday, Jackson!! I hope you have a fabulous day, little man!!

scrappysue said...

happy birthday jackson! his party looks like a tonne of fun too!

Brina said...

I can't tell you how touched I was reading this letter to Jackson! Just beautiful!!



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