Friday, March 4, 2011

Communicating with My Husband

Life is hectic, right? There are some weeks when Dan and I pass each other on the driveway for three nights in a row, with only a quick kiss hello and goodbye. I’ve found a great way to keep us in touch and on schedule with each other, even when our face time is limited. I thought I’d pass it along in hopes of helping other couples with their communication.

Every Friday morning, I send an email to Dan with the upcoming week’s schedule. I also include the plans for the weekend and any other notes or items on our To Do List. He replies with additions or questions. It’s important to note the email is sent to him at WORK, where he has a better chance of concentrating without two kids clamoring for his attention.

Here’s an example of the schedule I sent him on Friday, January 14:


This little procedure has really helped us keep our family’s activities in line and it has reduced confusion. I don’t wonder anymore whether I forgot to tell him about a Girl Scout meeting, and he doesn’t have to sit idly by and watch as the family scurries around in busy-ness. Now he knows what to expect and can add his own activities to the mix.

What helps your family’s schedule stay on track?


828 Miles Later said...

Um, you play Bunco? If ya'll need an extra player let me know (once my Dan gets home).
I played once and LOVED it....I am very competitive ya know.
To answer your question, as of now, our life isn't too hectic so I just hope Dan remembers what I tell him. However, I see all that changing before we are ready for it and our family expands.
I like your idea and I may just have to store that away some where.

TinkDoll said...

Oh, I SOOOO wish D would check his email. If I had a nickel for everytime I've said "I told you Sunday/yesterday/last week" when he looks like a deer in the headlights. LOL!

Great idea! I've got to find one that works for us.

Lyndi said...

IKEA?!?!?! So jealous - I want to go!


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