Monday, November 29, 2010

I Wanted to Blog, But…

I had a little boy who woke early from nap. He was very groggy and grumpy. I explained that it wasn’t time to get up, but I’d let him come downstairs if he could play alone while I finished my work. He clung to me, but I brought him downstairs anyway.

I sat at the kitchen table and tried to mark off a few things on my list. My little boy held on to my leg. My efforts to tackle my list were fruitless. I caved.

I grabbed a blanket, cuddled up in our big LoveSac, and invited my boy to nestle beside me. His grumpy face broke into a grin as he climbed to my side. We held each other and watched the rain fall outside.

I itched a little to get back to my To Do List, but the feeling passed as I scratched it with thoughts of how badly I’ll want these moments back one day. Years from now, that little boy will be too busy for me. I can only hope that some part of his subconscious will remember today, push the pause button and let me come up beside him.

Blogs can wait. Boys cannot.


JC's Loft said...

My day was kind of like this to! A pause button would be nice wouldn't it : )

Gina said...

Had one of those moments yesterday. L said, "Mommy, can I sit in your wap?"

Um, yes.


Brina said...

Very sweet!


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