Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chewing Gum Advent Calendar

I know, I know… we’re only a week into November and I’m already posting about Christmas! But I promise there’s a good reason. I have to share this adorable idea in time for you to make some of your own to give as gifts.

I saw this post about a Pocket Advent Calendar. I finally put one together in about 15 minutes, and here’s the final result:IMGP4809

Here’s a top view looking down, so you can see how I wrapped two gum packs together:IMGP4810

I am going to make quite a few of these for Christmas gifts. I found the gum packs at Walmart for $1.88 for a set of three. I already had the cardstock, stamps, and tag in my craft stash. That means these will cost about $1.25 each. What a great, cheap idea!

My friend Carrie gave me another idea to help make this gift more Christ-centered for the holidays. She suggested printing a list of 24 names of Christ and attaching it to the backside of the gum pack. I am going to research that and try to write a list, along with the Scripture reference where that name is used in the Bible.

Do any of you have a brilliant idea for Christmas gifts this year? Please share!


JC's Loft said...

Oh so cute!

Gina said...

Adorable. Still waiting on some Christmas gift inspiration here.

Charity said...

Oooh I want one! Can I buy it from you? Maybe we can meet at church.


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