Monday, July 19, 2010

The Puzzle Gene

It was bound to happen – genetics made it 99.99% a sure thing. My little boy is a puzzle lover. Dan’s mom has the gene. Dan inherited the gene from her. My mom had the gene, too. (I, however, do not.)

Jackson recently discovered seven cardboard puzzles in the basement, handed down years ago by neighbors who moved away to Nebraska. These are the kind of puzzles that have a cardboard frame for a kid to work within. Jackson adores them. When he is protesting bedtime at night, he has started asking to do just one puzzle before bedtime. In the morning, he wakes and asks me first thing: “Can you do a puzzle wif me, Mommy?”

Dan has taught Jackson some puzzling techniques: find the corner pieces first and put them in place. Then find the edge pieces and work with them. Then look at the patterns and the shapes of the pieces. In this photo from this morning, he is working a puzzle while singing to himself. IMGP9963-

Jackson is surprisingly good at these puzzles. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, what with his genetic inheritance?IMGP9977

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Gina said...

That's awesome. Neither Logan nor I are good at puzzles. My mom isn't either. It MUST be genetic!


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