Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Was Right?

Thanks to my six blog readers for making me feel loved and leaving me a comment last week. I asked you to take a guess as to how many emails I purged before we transferred Outlook over to Frank (my laptop).

The sad thing is that none of you were close. My neighbor/friend Sheryl was the closest with her guess of 5,000. Oh, that would have been so nice. But, no! I actually ended up deleting about 7,900 emails. A decade's worth. Ugh! (Sheryl, I'll be bringing you a "happy" in the next few days. Stay tuned!)

Charity asked how long it took to purge and whether I read the emails before I purged them. It took me about a week to purge, and it took me that long because, yes, I did read a lot of them before I deleted them. I have to admit that I didn't delete ANY of my mom's, dad's or sister's emails. I couldn't bear to part with the first two, and didn't want to go through the 619 that I still have from my sister. The day I went through Mom and Dad's emails, I was an emotional wreck. I read through some very tender and tumultuous emails from them both, and it made me very happy that I saved those emails for so long.

I spent a long time reading the emails from my two high school best friends, and realized how much we have grown up in the past decade. I became a mom in the last ten years, and also became an orphan. Looking at the emails from 2000, it felt like I was reading a letter from a long-lost friend: me. I wistfully remember those days when my biggest anxiety was being fired and trying to decide whether to sue the company that fired me. I miss those days, and yet I don't! I am so thankful that God had other things in mind for me, even though it didn't make sense at the time. (Isn't that my life story?!)

I have succeeded this week in exercising my delete button lots more often. It feels good!


Janet said...

Make sure you save and/or print off the ones from you mom and dad.

Charity said...

Wow! That's a lot of emails! About how long did it take each day? Good for you! I'm planning on doing the same thing myself. I have almost 2,000. But now, I don't feel so overwhelmed. :)

Mary W said... are supposed to say you didnt want to delete your sister's because they are soooo meaningful:)


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