Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camping in the Living Room

Jackson went to Mother's Day Out yesterday, and the day's theme was Camping Out. There was a large tent set up in the classroom, full of books so the kids could go inside and read. We came home from MDO and pulled the IKEA igloo tent out of basement storage. It is now the main fixture in our living room.

This morning, Jackson and I hung out in the igloo.

The light from our front windows struck the side of the igloo and was perfect for some silhouette photos.

But these are my favorite photos of all:

I love this last one because it so perfectly captures my son at this point in his life. He so completely adores guns. Yes, I know. It isn't quite P.C., is it? But it is what it is. At first, I tried to deter his gun  love by calling guns something else like rockets or fire. But that didn't work. Then I wouldn't let him have anything that remotely resembled a gun. Uh, nice try. The boy will make a gun out of anything: fingers, carrot sticks, and he even built his own rudimentary gun from Legos about two weeks ago. (I was both proud of his building and imagination skills, and horrified at his deep-seated desire for guns.) So now the rule is that he can't shoot guns at people, even the guns he makes by extending his pointer finger. Today, I asked him to show me how he shoots a gun. He wrapped the fingers of one hand around the fist of the other, pointed his index fingers, and started making "pshew" sounds. This photo shows the result. His eyes are all shifty (because he's in battle, you know), his mouth is in mid-pshew, and his fingers gun is a blur of action. This, my friends, is life with a boy. Sweet and terrifying at the exact same time. Oh, how I love my son!


Gina said...

I'm shocked that L hasn't fallen in love with guns yet. He's all about his magic wand.

Melissa said...

I am wondering if it is a boy thing? Today in my class two little boys asked if they could play with Strawberry Shortcake dolls so I glady gave them the dolls. Guess what they did? Turned all the dolls into guns and/or some form of violence. I asked the one little guy where he learned about guns and he said so innocently "Nobody teached me, I just know". Hmmm...

Mary W said...


Anonymous said...

We didn't allow guns, didn't watch things with guns, didn't use the word "gun," and sent our kids to preschool / Sunday school where they had no guns.

I knew I was licked when we were on a road trip, the two strapped in their car seats with their entertainment bags... the oldest showed the youngest how to break the crayons, just enough so that they were hanging perpendicularly by the paper, to make "shootin' things." They shot each other and us with shootin' things the rest of the trip.

; )

sheryl said...

Gosh, he looks so grown up... all of a sudden.


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