Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Camp for Jackson

Last year was Katie’s first week-long sleep away camp, and this year was Jackson’s big break. He begged to go last year, but wasn’t able to until he finished Kindergarten. We sent him to the same camp for a three-day/two-night session called Pre-Camp, and he had a blast!

It took a lot of preparation for him to go to camp, since we have a gluten allergy to work around now. I packed seven meals for him, plus snacks. The camp nurse sent me a list of the food that would be served in the mess hall, so I tried to send similar foods so he wouldn’t feel left out. Here’s how my kitchen table looked as I packed meals.IMG_2462

And here’s the final result: everything in its own container and labeled by day and meal. Whew! Glad that’s over!IMG_2463

Dan and Katie dropped Jackson off at camp, since I was in North Carolina for Hannah’s graduation. Katie showed Jackson the ropes and got him settled in and ready._MDS6673

Jackson’s buddy was in his cabin as well, so he was anxious for Dan and Katie to leave so they could have camp fun together._MDS6672

Through Facebook, we were able to see a few photos of the campers while Jackson was gone and we could see that he was having a great time with shaving cream wars and canoe races and campfires. It made us miss him a lot more, but also made us happy to know that he was happy.

He must have had the time of his life, because he cried when we picked him up. Apparently he didn’t want us to take him home! All three of us were happy to see him, and Dan hugged him for an extra long time.IMGP7360

The first thing I noticed after I hugged him was that he was still wearing his pajama top. Ha! And then I noticed he was sweaty, stinky and DIRTY!IMGP7367

He walked me to his cabin, since I didn’t get to see it at drop off.IMGP7370

We said goodbye to one of his counselors, then made the hour drive home.IMG_2584

The ride home was horrendous because he smelled like a latrine, and his luggage was full of wet and stinky clothes. Eeeew! It all went straight into the washing machine the moment we walked in the door. I dug through his papers, and found the mail he received at camp was still sealed. He was excited to get the mail, but never opened it (except for one letter from Katie). Ha! I also found his Bible class notes, and this piece of paper made me smile. I love that he has different influences in his life to teach Him about God’s love. Camp rocks!IMG_2585

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