Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Days of the Week Dial

I was at my favorite store (Leftovers) and found a wooden clock frame. I dug through a bucket filled with miscellaneous wooden pieces and located a wooden arrow, and decided to make them into a days of the week tool for Jackson._MDS5574

First, I stretched my brain and figured out how to make a circular days of the week diagram. I had to search deep in my memory to find the math and figure out the circumference of a circle. Then I split the circle into seven equal parts and used the chart application in Microsoft Word to graph a pie chart. I added day labels, and printed out my diagram on regular typing paper. I painted the wooden form with white paint and asked Dan to drill a hole in the wooden arrow. I painted the arrow blue._MDS5569

I decoupaged the diagram onto the board and waited for it to dry, then assembled the arrow spinner. I had to experiment with different ways to keep the arrow straight without being too lose to flop around. I used a brass brad, a pony bead and a washer on the front of the board._MDS5579

On the back, I used a washer and a pony bead, then spread the brad prongs apart and tightly folded them over._MDS5580

Each morning when Jackson wakes up, he loves to turn the arrow to find the correct day._MDS5581

He reads the word and walks over to his closet to find the bin labeled with the corresponding day, where his pre-selected clothes are waiting.IMGP7919

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