Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homemade Lunchables

Thanks to this post, Katie and I have found another idea for packing school lunches. I’ve always thought about making homemade Lunchables, but just wasn’t sure about the final product and how to make it work. The post by Nike from Choose to Thrive gave me a kick in the rear and got me going. I showed it to Katie and she was excited to make lunches for the week. Whew!

We dug through our plastic containers and found one that was pre-divided into three sections, and another from Chinese takeout that would also work.

We gathered the food and tools to make the Lunchables, then Katie set to work cutting out ham shapes with a cookie cutter._MDS6964

I made dividers from an old milk jug, and packed crackers and cheese into the containers. Katie selected fruits and vegetables, and we were done._MDS6965

It’s easy, and I like being able to choose healthier food (veggies, fruit and even preservative-free meat and cheese!). I think Katie likes the bonus of getting a small treat included in her lunch. (She doesn’t usually get any sweets for lunch.)

I’m hoping it’s an idea we can continue for a while.

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