Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retro Video Games

They say history repeats itself. This photo is proof:_MDS3425

It’s Jackson and his sister, playing their Game Boys from 1989.

I wish I had a photo from 1989 to show the first Jackson and his sister playing these exact same video games. My parents gave them to us for Christmas that year. I was 15 years old, and Jackson was 19. We weren’t quite into handheld video games back then (although we did love our Atari, of course). We were a little old for the Game Boys, but it was the trend that Christmas and Mom wanted to buy them for us. We ended up having a blast with them.

I saved them in a box for years, then came across them recently. Miraculously, they still work! I gave them to my kids, and they beg to play them as much as they beg to play with my iTouch. Our house rule states they cannot play with them unless we are at a restaurant (when we go with friends and the adults want to chat) or waiting at a doctor’s office. They can also earn the privilege of playing when they fill up their marble jars.

In preparation for an upcoming long car ride, we visited Slacker’s and found a treasure trove of game cartridges that will work in my dinosaur Game Boys. Woo hoo! The kids were beside themselves, bouncing with excitement to pick out new games. We bought two (Super Mario 2 and Pac Man), and it’s like Christmas morning in the middle of July!

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John The Blogger. said...

I had good times with my gameboy


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