Sunday, October 11, 2009

Makeup Fun

Katie has a friend named Anna who she met last year when they were in the same Kindergarten class. This year, they are in the same class again and Anna joined our Daisy Girl Scout troop. Since we're on cycle break from school (our district is year-round), Katie invited Anna over to play this past Thursday. It was a cold, rainy day. Jackson was also feeling sick with a runny nose and cough, so it was nice to have the girls entertain each other. I even decided to take Jackson to the doctor, so (with Anna's family's permission) I took all three kids with me.

I digress.

My whole point of posting is because I want to share these photos with you.

I took the kids to Walgreen's and picked out some cheap makeup for the girls to use. They were beyond thrilled, and did each other's makeup while Jackson napped. I expected there to be clumps and blobs of random colors all over their faces, but they didn't do too badly. I mean, it isn't runway ready and it's a little heavy in spots, but it's not the worst I've ever seen.

I can't believe how sassy and old my little girl looks in makeup. Thank God we have a little more time before she hits the age when she'll be wearing it on a daily basis!


Gina said...

I'm impressed! :)

Gretchen said...

How adorable! Maybe you'll luck out and she'll be one who never really gets into make up?

Michelle said...

Yep, I've definitely seen worse makeup jobs :) What cuties -- and what a neat idea. I'll definitely have to remember that. Someday ;)

scrappysue said...

too cute!


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