Monday, March 31, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge

For the month of March, Katie and I promised each other to follow a drawing challenge we found on Pinterest.IMG_0552

I bought a notebook that we used for our blank space, and we each drew something on one page each day. At the beginning, Jackson joined in too. But he lost interest after a few days.

Day 1: YourselfIMG_0554IMG_0558IMG_0556

Day 2: Your favorite animalIMG_0560IMG_0564IMG_0562

Day 3: Your favorite foodIMG_0566IMG_0570IMG_0568

Day 4: Your favorite placesIMG_0576IMG_0574IMG_0572

Day 5: Your best friendsIMG_0578

Day 6: Your favorite bookIMG_0548

It was truly a challenge for me to think creatively and illustrate my thoughts on a page. I won’t show every page from our book, but it’s something I will cherish and keep even when Katie is a grown woman.

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