Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Review

November had my head spinning with so much change and activity.

We started with annual leaf jumping with the neighbors._MDS2127

Special trips to find new gluten-free food. This visit was to Andrea’s Gluten Free Bakery.IMG_1836

One of my favorite places on Earth is getting a new addition! This is the baptismal pond behind my church. It was dug up and then filled in as my church started construction on a new phase of the building._MDS2160

We got a new roof on our house!_MDS2175

We had a special reading night at the library. Katie got to read to the biggest dog I’ve seen in a while.IMG_1848

Jackson’s dog seemed tiny by comparison!IMG_1849

Jackson went to his friend’s cool superhero party. I was asked to do a superhero photo booth. This is the “comic book” version of the birthday girl’s superhero photo. So cool!upload_ma8u66hkhbpn2n79ao16qi8g31412994.jpg-final

I dug out my mother’s wedding dress and Katie begged to wear it. Speechless…_MDS2222a

Katie and I attended a cookie exchange party with some of the volunteers I work with at church. We played a silly ice breaker game (the one where you have a famous person’s name stuck on your back and have to ask questions to figure out who it is), then went around the room telling how we found our church and what moments are most memorable to us from church._MDS2263

I spent an entire day at a Holy Yoga retreat. I so enjoyed this day to worship and meditate on God’s goodness!_MDS2293

Katie and I played with our shadows. This photo makes me happy._MDS2362

November was foggy._MDS2482

Foggy nights mean fun with light painting photography!_MDS2453

We said goodbye to Dan’s old car, and bought a new one on Black Friday. This is the old one. His name was Petey. And would you believe I don’t have a photo yet of the new one? Ha!IMG_1920

We experienced a first for our family: after 16 and eleven-twelfths years of marriage, Dan and I bought our first real Christmas tree. We went to a nearby Christmas tree farm and took a tractor ride to the fields.IMGP3122

The kids enjoyed playing “spy” in between the trees.IMGP3132

And petting horses, donkeys, goats and camels.IMGP3113

We finally selected a tree to take home.IMGP3128

And got to sing “I’m the happiest Christmas tree./Ho-ho-ho, hee-hee-hee…” all the way home, where we decorated our scented beauty. (I’m writing this post at the end of December, by the way. And that tree has been crooked for an entire month. I’ve convinced myself it adds character!)IMGP3161

The last highlight of November is something I can’t illustrate with a photo. After ten years, Dan left his job and started a new one on November 29. It was the cherry on top of a year full of immense change for our family. It’s a great move for him, and provides lots of opportunities for advancement. I am so proud of him and how he handled the move with integrity and heaping amounts of prayer. Dan and I both know he’s exactly where he needs to be at this time in his life. Watching God work through the entire process was inspiring and humbling.

And now, we’re ready for December!

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