Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun with Forty

Today is Dan’s 40th birthday. I am having lots of fun planning little surprises for him. Nothing too big, because I don’t want to embarrass him. But the small things add up to lots of smiles.

Last night, I waited for him to go to bed so I could hang the birthday flag in front of the house to greet him this morning._MDS0702

Then I wrote a message on his car._MDS0700

And today, this is the sight that greeted him on his commute to work._MDS0694 (2)

At lunch time, I retrieved the sign and brought it home to adorn our house._MDS0703

I’ve also asked family and friends from all areas of our life to email him birthday messages throughout the day. I hope each message is confirmation of what a fantastic person he is. I want him to know that!

One of our friends offered us tickets to a Cardinals game tonight, so we decided to be spontaneous and head to the game to celebrate Dan. It turned in to a downpour and was – literally – a wash for us, but it was a good idea.IMGP1699

Tomorrow, we have an all-day celebration planned with his childhood best friends. We’re going to grill steaks and crab legs, share some beverages, and watch Mizzou’s first SEC game against the University of Georgia.

Happy birthday to my spectacular husband. I can’t believe I’m married to a 40-year-old, and that I’ve gotten to share life with him for so long. He is a blessing to me and our children. I love you, Dan!

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scrappysue said...

happy birthday DAN!!! your house is so cute!!!


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