Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 2012 Review

Gorilla suits.IMG_1317

80 pounds of pork butt for our church’s Backpack Attack.IMG_1356

Twenty-two hours in Georgia for my niece’s senior portraits…VHW-123

And my sister’s family portrait with her in-laws.130

First day of Kindergarten and 4th grade._MDS9879 (2)

My Godson’s and his brothers’ birthdays._MDS0139

Have you ever seen a hummingbird’s nest?_MDS0247

Photos of my sweet one-year-old neighbor.IMGP1161-2

Road trip to Kansas City for three things: 1) the new SeaLife aquarium.IMGP1259

2) the new Legoland Discovery CenterIMGP1344

3) our friends and their kids (who have their own Legoland in their house!)IMGP1376

Visiting our alma mater as a family for the first time.IMGP1387

Skin cancer excision (don’t worry, it’s just basal cell carcinoma – not the big melanoma)._MDS0253

Toys moved to Jackson’s room and the basement._MDS0273

Which means our main floor is finally toy-free, after nine years!_MDS0259

Annual block party with our neighbors._MDS0570

The kids’ first karate class.IMG_1426

The biggest freak out (to date) that I’ve seen my daughter have – which was at the dentist’s office when she needed two teeth pulled. This was before the panic; the teeth never got pulled, but both our anxiety levels shot through the roof!IMG_1442

August ended with a really fantastic treat. Dan and I had dinner plans and nothing else afterwards. He said he'd figure something out and surprise me. We got in the car and he started driving. He pulled up outside the Fabulous Fox in downtown St. Louis and told me to hop out. Tickets were waiting at Will Call: he took me to see The Lion King. Pretty spectacular! Oh, yeah, and so was the show.IMG_1450

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Gina said...

Good month! Love this! (And you!)


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