Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hugs & Kisses Coins

I finished up the Valentine crafts for the kids, which I wrote about here. Jackson’s party was today, and he took the recycled crayons and Hugs & Kisses Coins that I made. Here’s what the final product looked like:IMGP3376

I saw this idea from my Stampin’ Up consultant, Carrie. I used a permanent ink stamp pad (Staz On) and stamped a flourish on little zipper baggies. Then I printed out papers with Jackson’s name and “Have a colorful Valentine’s Day” (I got that idea here) on one side and an original poem on the other. The poem reads: “Flip the coin,/See what appears./Give a hug or kiss/To someone who’s near!” I stuck the wooden coins onto the paper, bagged it with the crayons and zipped ‘em up for the party. I love how it all turned out.

Katie’s tissue cozies are also finished and ready for her party on Friday. Here’s a sample:IMGP3616

The photos I printed with the “ah-choose you” saying arrived in the mail, and we trimmed them to wallet size and Katie wrote her name on the back. Then we punched them and tied them onto the tissue cozies.

My last project is to weave some ‘80s style ribbon barrettes to give to Katie for Valentine’s Day, like these here. I’ll post photos of those once I make them, if you’re not too tired of seeing all these Valentine crafts on my blog!


sheryl said...

I love your valentines!!! I would rather have those than those silly ol' store bought ones any day!! Your kids friends will love those!

Gina said...

Your stuff is SO cute. I wanted to send those recycled crayons to Logan's school (and by the way, my fingers are STILL sore!) but I realized the other thing I bought (bubbles) didn't have enough in the package. Soooo, I think I am going to save the recycled crayons for goody bags at his bday party. Either that, or I'll run out to WalMart tonight if his asthma EVER calms down. Either way, I still love the idea and your valentines turned out AWESOME!!!

Janet said...

Love the crafts. Hopefully I can get about a dozen or so of the kleenex holders done tonight. I want to give them to my son's special ed team. The teacher will use it for social skills -- he will get to take the gift to each teacher.

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Handmade valentines- love it


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