Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear Jackson,

You are a magical, wonderful little two year old. You stun me daily with all the ways you are growing and changing.

I can already tell that you possess a strong mind and memory. You don't forget things easily - and even remember people's names after hearing it only once. Yesterday in the car, you saw busses. You said, "I see a bus." And then you followed it with, "I see 3 busses!" You counted them and you were right. See what I mean by stunned?!

I am enjoying you so much lately. Your personality is so strong and spunky. You are determined and independent. You love to read tbooks and play with baseballs and footballs and soccer balls and basketballs. Oh, how you love them! You can kick like a five-year-old and throw like one too. You love balls so much that you sleep with a tennis ball right now. Funny, isn't it?

You are such a little stinker sometimes too. You love to play games like withholding kisses from me. Then when I act sad, you run up and jump in my arms. You also love daredevil acts and defying my "no!" shrieks when I see you couch diving. You glance at me with a grin as you soar into the air. I'm sure we're on borrowed time until our first ER visit for a broken bone!

You are a loved little boy. You have some great friends and neighbors who love watching you and playing with you. Your sister is also in love with you, and enjoys getting you riled up with a tickle fest or chasing you around the house. The other day you stood with her at the front door, watching me go to the mailbox. I saw you two and my heart finally knew our family is complete and whole. It's been a long road to get to this point, because there were some days in the last two years that I wasn't sure we'd make it. But this two-year birthday marks a milestone for me. I've never been home full-time with a baby, because I worked until Katie turned two. So these last few years have been new territory for me. I'm happy to say we made it - and we didn't just survive it. We thrived and bonded and grew and changed.

You, my son, have changed us, as much as you have changed yourself. You have changed our family with your dynamic little being. You have made us laugh and cry, love and dream. Your sweetness and softness (especially when you tell me you're my Sugar Boy) takes my breath away. And then you turn into your scrappy little self and show me who's boss. I am in love with you, little man. I am thrilled and honored to be celebrating your second birthday with you today. Thank you for making me so full and for sharing your joy with us!

I love you always and forever,

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