Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Review

February was painful. There was a lot of snow. A LOT. So this post will probably be pretty boring. I apologize in advance.


The good thing about snow is it taught me to appreciate the arrival of the yellow school bus every day. Whooopee!IMG_9813

A few friends got together to celebrate a new baby boy on the way for our friends Mike and Amy.IMG_9855

This photo doesn’t look like much, but it makes my heart sing because it is capturing the morning ritual between Katie and her dad. When she hears the garage door closing, she flings open the window shade and performs this sign language goodbye gesture that Dan mimics back to her. I love it!IMG_9835

I took the kids to a family Holy Yoga session. Getting out to stretch our bodies helped combat the winter blahs.IMG_9925

Just a moment to reflect on life with a six year old boy: his room is a mess but it’s a beautiful snapshot of life at this very moment, messes and all!

IMG_9856Jackson’s first Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet ended with a real knight!

IMGP0716Many-feet-long icicles hung from our house, because all of that snow was finally starting to melt.

IMG_9979Valentine’s Day parties in the kids’ classrooms.IMG_0017

Grandma took us to the movie and posed with the kids in the Muppets Most Wanted movie promo prop. I love this photo because you can hardly tell that she isn’t part of the cast!

IMG_0054Morning after a Girl Scouts slumber party, plus Jackson’s playdate with a friend and I got to do a little writing!

IMG_0137A decent day for climbing trees! It felt like a summer heat wave. Ha!IMG_0148

We enjoyed the weather and went geocaching together.IMG_0244

Dinner at our friends’ house to celebrate this sweet boy’s arrival.IMGP0883-2

I got to tour Busch Stadium with Katie’s class. It was cold (of course, that’s the theme of February this year!) but so cool to see the inside of the stadium.IMGP0933

Katie’s class did an exercise where each kid wrote a compliment for every other kid in the class, then they were combined on one piece of paper. This is the feedback for Katie. *sigh*IMG_0372

Jackson, reading wherever his body lands. This time it happened to be at the top of the stairs!IMG_0400

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