Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I Want for 2013

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a few years ago, when I realized I kept putting the same resolution on the list (for MANY years in a row) and it never got accomplished. I felt like a failure. Who needs that?!

I am at the start of a new year, in what is also my birth month, and I am looking ahead with anticipation. After this past year, what kind of adventures does God have in store for me? I say “adventure” because it’s going to be fun and probably a little scary. But scary just makes it exciting, right? (C’mon, say yes so I am not so scared!)

I have a few goals in mind this year. NOT resolutions, just goals. In fact, maybe the word “goals” is too strong of a word. Maybe I should just call them “like-tos.” (Don’t want to pressure myself, you know.)

  1. Build friendships: start new ones and strengthen old ones. 2011 was a parched and dusty friendship year for me, and I am craving soul connection with other women who understand what makes me tick – and who tick with the same rhythm. I want to connect with women who are in love with Jesus and pursue Him. I have a few women already in my life who do this, and I want to deepen my friendship with them too.
  2. Read more: my own “grown up” books and books with the kids. And I am committed to finishing this one certain book that I started in the spring of 2011 and got stuck 60% of the way through. It’s a doozy and will require lots of self examination, but I know it’s crucial to my emotional health.
  3. Less rituals: near the end of 2011, I found myself drained by the daily rituals I got myself wrapped inside. I had three devotions I was reading every morning, a daily diary I was trying to keep, plus my box of index cards on the kitchen table. Too much! This year, I cut out my devotions (and have been spending more time with my Bible), got rid of the daily diary (in favor of emailing a short synopsis to myself at the end of each day because I type faster than I can handwrite now), and decided to simply stop the daily index card notes. So far, I feel much less tethered than before.
  4. Marriage: I want to pour into my marriage more this year. I have been texting Dan a prayer each morning, letting him know he is a priority from the moment I wake. There’s also Danuary, plus the desire that I want to be a servant to him in our marriage this year.
  5. Creativity: I have a few “like-tos” I want to tackle, like growing in my photography hobby (I’d love to finally take a class to help some things make better sense!) and making some more photo art and subway art pieces.
  6. Breast self exam: yep, I know this is a weird one to add to a list of “like-tos.” It was a resolution I made last year that I kept until mid-October, which I was pretty proud of. This year, I’m keeping my promise to do my monthly BSE.

So, that’s my list. What’s on yours, and how are you doing so far?

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