Friday, May 18, 2012


Remember this big fat caterpillar that we captured last September?298389_2467977136406_1161655918_4926434_2057664458_n

Last month, I put a newspaper in the recycling pile on top of our beer fridge in the garage and this is what I saw._MDS5193

Our caterpillar emerged from his cocoon! It only took him six and a half months, but it was worth the wait._MDS5324

Pete the Polyphemus moth (as we named him) was glorious and gorgeous in every single way._MDS5276

We know for sure he is a male, because of his bushy antenna. Male polyphemus moths have bushy antenna so they can detect the pheromones that females emit for mating._MDS5341

The sad news is this: once eclosion (hatching) is complete for a polyphemus moth, they live only about a week._MDS5245

That means our guy didn’t live long after these photos. It’s sad to think it took months of darkness for him to have such a short time to spread his wings. We should keep that in mind as we go through our own lives. Sometimes the darkness lasts a while because it’s when the most important transformations occur. Transforming is the goal, the purpose, the journey; NOT the transformation._MDS5354

The time after the transformation is short because that’s really not the point of it all; in the act of transforming is where we find our authentic selves.

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Gina said...


You KNOW I agree with this post.

Because holy cow, has my darkness been transforming me.

But you knew that. So, yeah.


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