Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twenty Years

1992-04-04 MMS wedding portraitTheir courtship was a little tumultuous. There were tears and breakups, then infatuation all over again. I watched her try to mend her heart over and over, and couldn’t understand why she kept going back to him if he kept breaking her heart. I was a teenager and didn’t quite get the concept of love, and how agony can coexist with ecstasy.

The day they got married, I was convinced he was going to break her heart again sometime down the road. I even went up to him and told him (in my most threatening 18-year-old girl’s voice) that I’d kill him if he broke her heart. Then we smiled and walked down the aisle, and I witnessed them make their marriage vows.

In the last twenty years, I’ve watched them grow and learn how to be a husband and wife and then a mother and father. Their marriage has actually become a model for my own in some ways. I have truly enjoyed watching them become new people together. Today, he has grown into someone I admire deeply. Imagine that! A man I thought would do nothing more than scar her heart has become someone whose advice I seek and who makes me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever known.

Twenty years ago today, my sister became a wife. I also gained a brother who has guided me and taught me so many things.

Happy anniversary, Mary and Wally! I am so proud to celebrate with you!

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